The 10th ICAVS is being organized under the leadership of an International Steering Committee led by Keith Gordon and Frédérique Vanholsbeeck (General Co-Chairs), and Ian R. Lewis (Program Chair). The overall conference planning process is organized by the ICAVS Committees and the team from Event Services at The University of Auckland.

International Steering Committee

The steering committee is composed of past, current, and future ICAVS Conference and Program chairs. Past chairs rotate off the committee after 6 years / three ICAVS after their meeting has concluded.

Yukihiro Ozaki (Japan, chair 2017-2019) – Kwansei Gakuin University
Takeshi Hasegawa (Japan, 2019) – Kyoto University
Bernhard Lendl (Austria, 2021) – TU Wien
Michael George (UK, 2021) – University of Nottingham
Alexandre Brolo (Canada, 2023) – University of Victoria
Dennis Hore (Canada,2023) – University of Victoria
Keith Gordon (New Zealand, 2025) – University of Otago
Ian Lewis (USA, 2025) – Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc

Program Committee

Malgorzata Baranska (Poland) – Jagiellonian University
Katherine Bakeev (USA) – B&W TeK
Alexandre Brolo (Canada) – University of Victoria
Andrea Centrone (USA) – NIST
Michael George (UK) – University of Nottingham
Karen Faulds (UK) – University of Strathclyde
Takeshi Hasegawa (Japan) – Kyoto University
Koichi Iwata (Japan) – Gakushin University
Sergei Kazarian (UK) – Imperial College London
Ian Lewis (USA) – Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.
Young Mee Jung (Korea) – Kangwon National University
Curt Marcott (USA) – Light Light Solutions
Yukihiro Ozaki (Japan) – Kwansei Gakuin University
David Phillips (China) – Hong Kong University
Bin Ren (China) – Xiamen University
Zach Schultz (USA) – Ohio State University
Nick Stone (UK) – University of Exeter
Frederique Vanholsbeeck (New Zealand) – The University of Auckland
Jianping Wang (China) – Chinese Academy of Science
Yuqing Wu (China) – Jilin University
Bayden Wood (Australia) – Monash University
Martin Zanni (USA) – University of Wisconsin

Local Organising Committee

Keith Gordon – University of Otago
Cushla McGoverin – University of Auckland
Frederique Vanholsbeeck – University of Auckland
Cather Simpson – University of Auckland
Michel Nieuwoudt – University of Auckland
Rainer Kunnemeyer – Waikato University
Mark Waterland – Massey University
Elizabeth Nickless – Fonterra Co-operative Group
Eric Leru – Victoria University Wellington
Bryce Williamson – University of Canterbury
Sara Miller – University of Otago
Georgina Shillito – University of Otago
Joshua Sutton – University of Otago